Bamburgh HTML5 UI Kit with Bootstrap Free

Bamburgh is a FREE Bootstrap 4 UI Kit that is perfect for building beautiful user interfaces.


Bamburgh HTML5 UI Kit with Bootstrap Free should be easy to use regardless of development seniority. You can either use the pre-compiled assets and copy paste from this documentation's examples source code or you could use the included gulp tasks to customize which SCSS files are included and which not. Find out more about the build tools we set up in the "Build tools" section.

What powers this UI Kit?

In terms of frameworks, Bamburgh HTML5 UI Kit with Bootstrap Free is currently built upon Bootstrap 4.3.1, jQuery and various other jQuery based plugins that are each explained in their docs page.

We constantly update to the latest versions the source code for all included plugins, not just Bootstrap.

You can include either the pre-compiled CSS files or you could build a customised version of the included SCSS source files by using our build tools (powered by Gulp 4). More details about this are available in the "Assets management" docs page.

Frameworks Support

We're almost ready to launch Bamburgh HTML5 UI Kit with Bootstrap Free for Angular, Vue, React, Nodejs.

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What's included

We split the UI kit components into logical categories as follows below.